The MGH Group has been active in the energy sector for more than ten years. The company works mainly in two distinct areas, i.e. the engineering and construction of civilian and industrial electric facilities (“power” part) and the creation of products/solutions linked to renewable energy sources.


With regard to electric facilities, over time the Group has specialized in:

  • industrial facilities with the design and construction of MV/LV panel boards;
  • power center;
  • distribution panels;
  • MV/LV re-phasing;
  • LV distribution facilities;
  • automated processes and electro-mechanical controls applied to sterile environments in particular.

All the above comes with specific skills for construction in critical infrastructure and environments such as Data Centers, oil and gas sites, cleanrooms, sensitive areas in general (e.g. railways, airports, ports).


To try to combine quality of life, progress, innovation and the environment. For this reason all MGH’s actions are aimed at developing high-quality technologies with an accurately studied design.

Working on these foundations and with the support of the significant experience gained in this sector, the Group is currently active in Italy and Brazil.


Its activity in the solar thermal energy field of the renewable energy market is through Wirebridge, the associated company that patented, produces and markets Armadillo, the first solar collector with minimal landscape impact. Armadillo offers an innovative solution that solve issues which competitors cannot beat. In the photovoltaic sector in Italy the Group’s activity is currently represented by maintenance on existing facilities and the installation of small and middle-sized systems.


In the photovoltaic sector MGH relies on its acquired skills to move in three distinct directions:

  • as an EPC (Engineering, Purchasing, Construction) agent, building medium-large photovoltaic facilities for companies and private customers;
  • building solar parks generating over 100 MW by 2018;
  • producing and assembling photovoltaic panels. The Group is building a production site with a capacity of 30 MW per year in the first phase and 70 MW by 2018.